Tag HubSpot contacts, quick & easy

Install the chrome extension and start tagging your contacts


Tag HubSpot contacts
Use tags to organize and find your contacts
HubSpot CSV for tags
Create tags thru CSV import
HubSpot filter via tags
Run detailed filters without leaving the contact page


Free while we are in Beta.


How much does it cost?

Free while in Beta

Do I have to create all my tags from scratch?

No, if you have a list of tags you can import it. Login to HubTags and go to the import page. Here you can upload a list of tags. If desired, you can also apply the tags to contacts at the same time.

If your tags are stored inside a HubSpot custom property you can use the direct connect feature as a alternative. This will copy all the details from a HubSpot property and paste them into HubTags.

Do you have any training materials?

Yes, we have a video tutorial covering the basics. More detailed training
resources will be offered in the future.